14 Mar, 2024

Cereal that gleams like gold

Rise and shine, seekers of exceptional mornings!

It’s time to embrace morning brilliance with our high protein cereal! Allow me to introduce a breakfast experience that’s not bound by the ordinary. Treasured Morning is defined by its extraordinary nature. From our ingredients to our process, our creation is nothing short of morning alchemy.

Morning Brilliance Unveiled

Treasured Morning is a cereal that gleams like gold and nourishes like a dream. What sets our creations apart isn’t just its appearance but the essence within – the essence of what I like to call “gold dust.” It’s a fusion of the finest hemp protein powder, LSA, chia seeds, and hemp hearts.

Brilliant mornings start with our gold dust. One serving of gold dust is all you need to bring your mornings to life. Imagine waking to a composition of complete protein. It sets the stage for a day of mental clarity, physical health, and sustained focus. This goodness of our breakfast isn't just in our ingredients – it's about transforming your morning. 

The combination of our ingredients is more than a sum of their parts; our harmonious blend satisfies your taste buds while fortifying your body. Through this golden crumble, we deliver not just protein-packed goodness but also an irresistible flavour profile that makes each morning a celebration of health and taste. With our Superfoods, your mornings are poised to become the launching pad for a day of achievement and celebration.

Our cereal's appearance isn't just a visual delight; it's a testament to the care and artistry woven into its creation. When you pour our gold dust into a bowl, you're reminded that breakfast can be more than a routine – it's a moment to savour, and a chance to revel in the beauty that every morning offers.

Gems of Nourishment in Every Bite

Don’t be deceived by its delicate crumbles. Within each fragment lies a nutritional treasure trove. Packed with plant-based proteins, Omega-3s, and an abundance of vital nutrients, it’s a testament to the incredible power of wholesome ingredients.

We’ve chosen hemp as our star player because of its role as nature’s protein powerhouse. Every serving provides all nine essential amino acids that help your body and your brain get more out of the day. It’s an ideal addition to your breakfast routine and just what you need to turn mornings into gold. Hemp goes beyond sustenance to become a building block of your holistic well-being. Savour the delightful taste and nutritional benefits in each energising bowl and set the stage for a productive and fulfilling day ahead.

The beautiful golden hue of our cereal isn’t a coincidence. It's a testament to the ingredients that have been carefully selected to ensure the start of your day shapes the journey that follows. Inside each crumbly mouthful is a treasure trove of health and vitality. Each spoonful carries within it plant-based proteins, intricately woven by nature to gift your body with the building blocks it needs to thrive. The essence of protein-rich hemp, freeze-dried ingredients and whole foods harmoniously unite promoting muscle strength, tissue repair, and overall well-being.

The magic doesn't end there. Our thoughtfully selected ingredients are capsules of vitality, each releasing a wealth of Omega-3 fatty acids packed with a bevvy of benefits. These essential fats contribute to cognitive function, heart health, and the balance of inflammation within the body.

Each flavour is nourishing for your taste buds, body and mind in different ways. Our Berry Superfood, combines nature’s wonder fruit - Goji berries - with crunchy macadamias for a boost of healthy fats and nature's finest berries. Apple Crumble brings together a flavoursome mix of green apples, chia seeds, hazelnuts, pecans, and coconut chips, while our Peach + Nectarine Superfoods are rich in Vitamin C thanks to the power of freeze-dried peaches and nectarines. Each flavour is full of nourishing and satisfying nutrients sourced from raw ingredients that give your body, mind and soul the best possible start for a productive day. 

Elevating Your Breakfast Ritual

Bid farewell to uninspiring breakfast options that leave you unsatisfied. With our intentionally crafted high protein blend, you’re invited to embark on a journey of transformation each morning, savour the fusion of flavours, and relish the sustained energy accompanying it.

Our Superfoods help you beyond an ordinary morning. Each bowlful is a gentle nudge to recognise that every intentional choice paves the way for an extraordinary day. We know that life can get busy. But with the right habits, and the right ingredients, you can craft a morning routine that springboards you into your day.

 Our gold dust is an invitation to partake in a new tradition. With each spoonful, you're not just consuming nourishment; you're crafting a habit, cultivating a mindset of self-care and making conscious choices that empower you throughout the day.

Treasured Morning is about sharing more than just food; it's about creating intentional habits that support you through a more purposeful day – it's about creating moments to savour, building energy worth harnessing, and finding joy in what comes from conscious choices. With each bite, you're engaging in a ritual that extends beyond the culinary. You're embracing the belief that even in the busyness of life, there's beauty in starting your day with intention.

From gold dust to golden nutrients for the body, our Superfoods are just what you need to make your mornings shimmer with possibility!

Liz x

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